How To Make ‘Konde Kavum’ For This New Year…

How To Make ‘Konda Kavum’ For This New Year..



  1. Rice flour – 1 Sheer
  2. Coconut sirup – ¼ measure
  3. Salt for a propotion
  4. Oil for frying




  • First sieved the flour finely.
  • Then add coconut sirup for that & mixed it well by adding a little of salt & a little of hot water.
  • If the mixture gets too thick & you are also not sure about the density of it, it is better to fry a Kavum & see whether it is ok, before to add water.
  • Ready a found- base frying pan to cook with boiling coconut oil /vegetable oil.
  • Pour a spoonful from the mixture.
  • Then it will starts to fry & the center emerges pour in a little more from the mixture & do not allow it to go through.
  • Then keep it crushing with a cane in round & round.
  • At the same time splash the boiling oil on the fritter using the oil spoon for the purpose.
  • To make the Konde of the Kavum you have to press round the base of the Konde (hair) with the spoon.
  • Then it will get a proper shape. But for making a very best proper shaped Konda Kavum you should have a considerable practice of cooking Kavum.
  • Finally when it get well- fried it must have a nice brown colour.
  • Served this with a hot ginger tea for a better taste.
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